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I’m sure you’ve read many Girl Boss stories and how they #breakthebias but have you read a stories on DC heroines? Female led heroes isn’t something you see very often on screen before. It is only recently that we see more female-led movies such as Black Widow, Captain Marvel, etc. 2020 is indeed a promising year for the female superheroes. We’ve heard/seen a lot of Marvel female superheroes, let us shed some light to the DC heroine too.

Wonder Woman Pouch

Fun fact, Wonder Woman is the first female-led superhero movie in 15 years. Diana is a definition of female power. If you didn’t watch the movie the film revolves around a Princess of the Amazons, Princess Diana, who is trained to be a warrior. Who later then leaves her home to fight alongside men in a war to help end it. That is the start of her story where she finally realise her true potential.

Patriarchy is not in her dictionary.

Diana grew up in an all-female island, she have no clue on the societal expectations on how women are supposed to act like. She went out there breaking the bias and stereotypes people have. She walked into a room full of men with confidence and power.

“I can do anything” mentality

There was one scene in the movie which really struck me. It was her big fight and it’s not because of the cool action scene but because of what it represents. Diana couldn’t stand seeing civilians suffer any longer during the war, so she climbed up into no man’s land in the middle of a trench battle and charges, despite an onslaught of bullets. Diana was standing alone in a field while a battalion of men tries to push her back. Despite that, she refuses to give up. Isn’t that so empowering?

To Diana, emotions wasn’t her weakness. It was her strength. And I feel that this is  something we all can learn from her. Instead of seeing it as a weakness, use it as your strength. Let it motivate you rather than deter you from achieving what you what to achieve.

It’s amazing how we see more and more girl boss stories these days, not only in movies but in reality too. We all need a role model to follow and look up too in order to develop our own strong personality. This is a great start to closing the confidence gap and create female leaders.

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