Your Ultimate Mother’s Day 2021 Gift Guide

Our mothers are so dear to us, and with Mother’s Day is around the corner on 9 May, what better way to celebrate the mothers in your life than a thoughtful gift to show your appreciation for them? This Mother’s Day spoil all the superwomen in your life with these specially curated gift guide. For mothers, to new moms, mothers-in-law, grandmas, and aunts, here are our top picks!

  1. Touch Lamp

Touch Warmer


Mothers deserve the best! Spoil your Mum with this luxurious but affordable touch lamp, specially at Klosh. After a long day, mums deserve a well-deserved rest. These touch lamps create a warm, tranquil ambience around the room. As its name, these touch lamps are simply activated with a touch, where the brightness of the lamp can be adjusted with multiple touches, as simple as that! Pair it up with our "Luxury Wax Melts", where these touch lamps provide a safe heat source to melt, allowing the sweet-smelling fragrance to roam around.

     2. Quirky Kitchen Accessories

Nessie Pasta Spoon



Quirky and unique kitchen accessories will definitely put a smile on your mum’s face. From a Dinosaur ladle to an Agatha spoon holder to shopping at Klosh for these accessories is endless. Practical and unique, these accessories are simple to use and elevates the kitchen visuals, making cooking more fun and enjoyable.

    3. Preserved Flower Dome

Mother's Day Gift - Preserved Flower Dome

 Preserved Flower Dome

For a mother, nothing gets sweeter than a bouquet of roses from her children. Although fresh flowers are the classic way to go, it cannot be kept for long. So why not buy your mum beautiful and lasting preserved flowers instead? This beautiful preserved flower dome is elegant and intricate in its own right, handcrafted with love and care. They can be kept for long periods with minimal care, and can double up as room decor!

  4. The Sqair Air Purifier


Mother's Day Gift - SQAir Purifier


Air Purifier

Cleaner Air, Healthier Life. Our mum means everything to us, and her health is our utmost priority. Especially during this Covid pandemic season, this Sqair Air Purifier comes in very handy. The Sqair cleans the air and is arguably the world’s most cost-effective air purifier and gives you the cleanest air per dollar of any purifier in the world, and it’s quieter too. Any mum will appreciate this useful and thoughtful gift!

     5. Hand Craft Aromatherapy Roll-On

Mother's Day Gift - Aromatherapy Roll On

Aromatherapy Roll On

Let your mum know how much you care for her with these aromatherapy essential oil blends! Perfect for any mum, these oils come in a variety of blends specifically targeting a problem area. For instance, “Energy Boost”, “Sleep Brain” or even “Ache Pain”, which soothes and relaxes. Not only that, but these oils are also roll-ons which are extremely convenient and can be used wherever, at home, work, traveling, and more. Can’t get enough of this!

      6. Bonus: Custom Sketches of your Mum


Mother's Day Gift - Sketching Service

Mother's Day Sketching for Photo Frame

Pair these gifts with a personalised custom sketched card, only at Klosh.   Simply attach any photo of your wonderful mum and leave it to our robots to do the job! The possibilities are endless.

Treat your mum to an amazing and unforgettable gift. Our gift guide is dedicated to any type of mothers out there and we hope you find ‘the one’ for her soon. But most importantly, celebrate your mother for all that she is every day. What are you waiting for? Shop our Mother’s Day Collection now!



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