How to Organize Your Bag

Always having a hard time trying to look for things that is inside your bag? It is probably because your bag is not very well organized and your things are just lumped into to your bag. Well fear not, here are some tips to help you organize your bags!



#1 Empty Your Bag

First of all, before u start organizing your bags, empty your bag first. Take out all the items you have in your bag, you might actually be shocked in what you might find inside your bag. You might find your own treasure that you have been looking for, or trash that you did not even know was inside your bag. Now that you have emptied your bag, take out unnecessary items that you do not need and start from there.




#2 Sort It Out

Now that you have emptied your bag and threw away the unnecessary items that you have no use of, you have to sort your things out accordingly to their uses. You can organize your items by putting them into a smaller pouches then put it inside your bag. As an example, you can put all your cosmetic products in one pouch and your loose change in another pouch or a different compartment of the bag.




#3 Put It Back In Your Bag

So, now that you have sorted your things up and it is well organized in their respective smaller pouches, put them back into your bag. Make sure to know which pouch is which as you put them into your bag too, to avoid confusing yourself. Also, if you want to put different pouches into different compartments of the bag, make sure to know where they are too. Once everything is set and inside your bag, you are ready to go!




#4 Maintain It!

You have already organized your bag accordingly and it is all neat, but the key thing to it being organized is for you to keep maintaining your things not just once! make sure to always maintain your well organized bag always and do not make a mess out of it, only then will your bag will be well organized.

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