NEW ARRIVALS: Disney Candles & Diffusers

Introducing our newest product, Disney Candles and Diffusers, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss this!

Discover magic, awaken nostalgia and be inspired by your favourite Disney stories. These Disney Candles and Diffusers are a sublime combination of the most delicate scents chosen only to embody your favourite Disney characters. This new collection features various Disney characters and some you may have seen from our previous collection, mostly new additions. New Disney Princess such as Moana, Rapunzel and Mulan. Disney Classics, Marie, Dumbo and Bambi. And lastly, the ever so popular Star Wars Characters.

Still not convinced about the products? Let me tell you why you should get our new Disney Candles & Diffusers.


  1. Unique Scents

Can you imagine what Peanut Brittle & Vanilla beans smell like together? Cause let me tell you, it is one of the sweetest and lightest scents I’ve smelled. With just a whiff, you’ll instantly feel like you’re floating on clouds. Can you guys guess which Disney Character I’m describing? Here is another hint "Don't just fly, soar!".

Disney Candle - Dumbo

That’s right! Its DUMBO! Take flight and be your own star as you follow Dumbo's courageous spirit.

2. Unique Packaging

All our Disney x Short Story soy candles are made with real flower petals and come in a bespoke designed box, all with an iconic scene from the Disney screenplay. If you’re buying it as a gift, you don’t have to worry about wrapping it because the packaging was so beautifully done that it is gift ready. With iconic movie scenes and gold foil details, where can you get a better gift wrap for it?

Star Wars™ Candle - Grogu™ Limited Edition

AN ADVICE! Do not throw the packaging away if you guys get the Star Wars candles. Disney Princess/Classic Candles have gold foil details, Star Wars Candles have glow in the dark details. Can you guys see the Star Wars?

  1. Disney

Yes, I know. It’s a Disney product, of course, it’ll be Disney inspired. I just love how elements of Disney are incorporated into the product. Everything is all thought out - the scents & look of the candle match the character’s traits, and the packaging shows iconic scenes from the movie. A Disney genius!

 Disney Candle - Moana - KLOSH Disney Candle - Moana - KLOSH Disney Candle - Moana - KLOSH Disney Candle - Moana - KLOSH Disney Candle - Moana - KLOSH Disney Candle - Moana

Each candle and diffuser are inspired by each Disney character and carries their personality and inspirational quote. My favourite is Moana as she is valiant and kind-hearted. She has a very vibrant personality, so her scent is an uplifting blend of peach, passionfruit, berries, and rhubarb. The colour chosen for her candle perfectly represents Moana as well.

Shop our newest Disney Candles and Diffusers before it’s too late!

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