Meet Our Designer - Raymin

We have a new face on our team, Raymin! We can’t help but feel curious about her, and so we had a chat with Raymin who does product photography and design projects at Klosh.

 Blogpost Interview with Klosh Designer Raymin



1. Tell us about yourself.

Hi! I’m Raymin and I’ve just graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic this year. In the future, I aspire to be a graphic designer and I’ve recently just joined Klosh, so I’m really new here! Some of my hobbies include baking and spending all my free time scrolling through Tiktok haha…

2. You have been working with Klosh on the graphic designs, how's your experience so far?

As my course in poly was Product Design, I’ve had to self-learn most of the software used to do graphic design (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc) so my skills are quite basic and it takes me a longer time to finish a task. However, as Klosh brings in many products and the working life here is pretty fast-paced, learning to adapt to it has been one of my biggest challenges faced so far. But I do enjoy learning and being able to see the entire process of how a product is being marketed and sold.


3. What inspires you in your designs?

I get most of my inspiration from the surrounding things, mostly when I scroll through Pinterest or Instagram, but sometimes when I come across a nice packaging design or illustration I’ll just take a picture to keep for reference.


4. What do you miss most during circuit breaker and how do you spend your time during this period?

Ever since the circuit breaker measures were implemented, I’ve definitely missed hanging with my friends and having the freedom to go out without worrying about disinfecting everything I came in contact with. I have also missed exercising and training with my friends as I did find it hard to find the motivation to work out on my own at home.


To be honest, I was grateful for the extra time given to do things I’ve always wanted to do but put off because I was too “busy” or “had no time”. I had also spent more time with my family and learnt the importance of sticking together as a family through times like this. 


5. According to a recent survey on the top 5 non-essential jobs during Covid-19, Artist came in as no. 1. As a creative intern and freelancer, were you surprised by the poll results and what is your take on that? 

I was not surprised by the poll results as I understand that at times like this, the duty of designers/artists may not be as important as those of doctors and nurses. However, I do feel that the article was not necessary at all. It is not reasonable to compare the importance of different jobs like that as every job is important. If not, there would be no need for it! Without design, nothing in this world would work as behind every single product, packaging, digital media, online advertisement, anything you can think of, is a designer. Everyone works hard at their own job to earn money for their families and for their job to fall under the top five unessential job categories, imagine how they would feel?


6. What would you say to those talents who are thinking of joining the creative industry?

A piece of advice my Dad gave me was to never be afraid of hard work and to learn as much as you can. Especially when starting out, try not to focus too much on how big the company is or how much you get paid. It’s tough but just give your all in everything you do (especially the little random odd jobs) cause you never know, those little jobs may give you the opportunity of a lifetime in the future. But most importantly, be always proud of what you do and enjoy the process!!!


Check out Klosh Instagram stickers created by Raymin, illustrated by Doris Goh. You can use them with your Instagram story by searching for Kloshsg.


Illustrated and created by Raymin:

 New Post Klosh Instagram Story Sticker Tap Here Klosh Instagram Story Sticker Shop Now Klosh Instagram Story Sticker


Illustrated by Doris, GIF created by Raymin:

No Plastic Bags Klosh Instagram Story Gif Sticker


Girl Power Klosh Instagram Story Sticker

Sisters We Trust Klosh Instagram Story Sticker


Raymin's favourite Instagram Post creation :

Klosh Instagram Post Cook Off Essentials


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