4 Tips To Kickstart A Green Lifestyle

Earth day is just around the corner, so let us review some environmental truths!

Did you know that in 2019, Singapore has recorded the hottest year once again, with an average temperature of 28.4oC? Building on that, we have just experienced the hottest decade in history with a whopping average temperature of 27.94oC. The harrowing truths don’t just stop there though. We have also seen a noticeable drop in annual rainfall, making it dryer than usual and further exacerbating the terrible heat we have been dealing with.  In fact, according to the World Meteorological Organization Statement on the State of the Global Climate, 2019 has recorded the second warmest year globally.

I know we’ve all heard the whole spiel once before: global warming is real and rapidly approaching. But what exactly is it and how can we help?

Global warming refers to the gradual rise in the overall temperatures across the globe due to various factors including carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other gases known as greenhouse gases. Through the presence of these greenhouse gases, we are staring straight in the face of rapid ozone depletion and a build-up of a reflective layer.  This means our planet is more susceptible to radiative heating from the sun and internal heat retention.

But all is not lost yet – there is one way that anyone can combat climate change and global warming, and that’s through sustainable living!  This Earth Day, we at Klosh want to provide tips and tricks to kickstarting sustainable living so we can all chip in and protect our blue planet!

Sustainable living happens when each individual develops a habitual lifestyle that enables them to meet their own needs at a maintained level. It sounds like a mouthful but what it simply means is that each individual thrives on what they need without consuming in excess. This lifestyle encompasses all aspects of our lives including transport, energy, food and many more. Regulating our own activities is the first step forward in doing our part to slow down global warming!

Sustainable living can seem daunting at first glance. With so many things to take into consideration and with so many avenues to implement sustainability, someone new to this concept could definitely be overwhelmed with the possibilities. But fret not! We’re here to share some tips on how to get started! The journey isn’t one accomplished overnight but once you get the ball rolling, you’ll find that leading a sustainable life isn’t so hard!

#1 Roll out those ‘R’s: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle!

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As cliché as it sounds, using these three ‘R’s is key to sustainability! It is best to maximise the utility of your items to reduce excessive purchasing and consumption. Most aged items can almost always be repurposed to accomplish different things.  An old shirt with a hole can be used as a rag towel or fashioned into a fancy DIY tote bag! Glass bottles make for lovely vases and tin cans could be made into pen holders. Even if you’re unable to find a use for these items, disposing them into recycle bins still goes a long way!


#2  Put that pedal to the metal!

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Going somewhere? Reduce that carbon footprint by walking or biking to destinations nearby! If you’re in no hurry, take the bus or train – these modes of transportations are known to produce fewer carbon emissions and damage to our environment. Sometimes, car trips may be unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean all is lost. Engage in some pre-planning and make that single trip an efficient one, from where to go and what to buy! By planning out your routes and what needs buying, you are not likely to make multiple trips and hence saving on that fuel consumption!

#3  Say “No!” to single-use plastics!

We get it, plastic is convenient. But did you also know that plastics have poor decomposability and could stay in our environment for years? Given how plastics are used for only several hours, this just doesn’t justify the amount of damage it causes! To fight back against this, consider getting your own reusable bag.  If you’re out often, consider packing your own food in a lunch box and bringing water in a tumbler. Save up on those takeaway plastics by bringing your own wares!

If you’re also a devoted traveller, you can also consider getting your own travel kit to bring around your own shower products wherever you go! By bringing your own shower paraphernalia, you get to consume less of those single-use bottles by saving them for the next person.

Ditching single-use plastics saves a whole lot of needless plastic consumption!

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#4  Swap out those lights!

If you have not done so yet, consider swapping your standard light bulbs to LED bulbs! LED bulbs are known to last a lot longer than your standard bulbs with higher efficiency.  These energy-saving bulbs not only help lower the demand for electricity due to low energy consumption but also helps you save a pretty penny. The best part though is that LED bulbs are 100% recyclable. If you’re thinking of getting a night light or if you’re planning a party and would like some snazzy lighting, make sure to check out lights that run on LED lamps. Glam up your spaces with a good conscience!

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With how everything is happening around us, let us take great care to look after not only our planet but also ourselves!


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