How you can say “Thank You” to your Teachers

Sick and tired of getting red pens for your teachers for Teachers’ Day but don’t know how else to say thank you? Don’t worry, we got you. Keep reading if you want to get something for your teachers, but you’re not sure how. 🤷🏻‍♀️


1. Desk drawers

Winnie The Pooh (WTP) Drawers

These Winnie The Pooh desk drawers are a stylish addition to any workspace, and also helps to organise and keep your stationery in place. Now your teachers will finally have a place to store all those forbidden red pens that he/she has been receiving every year… 😅


2. Plaques

World's Greatest Teacher Plaque

How else is the rest of the world going to know your teacher is the very best?! Obviously from this very necessary desk plaque for your teacher. Get them to place this on their desks so they can flaunt how much their students love him/her. Trust me, your teacher will appreciate you for this! 😌


3. Desk Pads

WTP Desk Pad

A very cute addition to any desk, especially for students and working adults who are on their laptops all day. Lovely pop of colour added to your workspace. If you can’t brighten up your teacher’s day, let this desk pad do… 🤭


4. Disc Planners

Disney Disc Planner

Help your teachers organise their packed schedules with this disc planner. Winnie The Pooh and Mickey Mouse designs available! Now your teachers won’t have the excuse of forgetting to return your marked assignments. ✍🏼


5. Cushions
Mickey & Minnie Mouse Cushions

Show that you understand your teachers by gifting them some cushions/pillows. I’m sure your teachers are just like you (and everyone else), after a long day of working and trying to read your illegible handwriting, they just want to lie on something soft and comfortable to ease their mind. 😴


Enough with the red pens and other stationery, switch it up and give something else this Teachers’ Day! Our Teachers have spent a lot of time and effort to teach and nurture us, including making sure that we don’t get bored during lessons, and trying their best to plant that A on our report cards. Let’s say a big Thank You to them by giving them a little token of appreciation. 🙌🏼

❤️ Happy Teachers’ Day! 👩🏻‍🏫

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