How to Declutter your Room

Less is more. That's why being minimalist is the trend now. Messy table/room affects productivity. Do you want your table to look as tidy and pleasing as the table below? Scroll down for some tips on how to declutter your space!

#1 Pick a date

Choose a day that you are free and has no appointments. This is because you need a whole day to plan on how to reorganise your room/table. With no appointments on hand, you won't have the need to rush everything.

#2 Discard 'em

What's this discoloured notebook lying across the table? You will think that you might need this item in the future. But let's think about this. If you need it, you would have reach for it. It's now or never. Discard it away.

#3 Categorize 'em

DIY some boxes or get cheap ones from your local value shop! Don't need any fanciful atas designs. Get storage boxes with colours that matches your room/table theme. If not, get one with translucent frosted plastic material. Stick some labels on them so that you will know which storage is for which item! No more digging through piles of items just to find something.

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