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An inspiring way to spend your 365 days is filling them with your ink drawings with a different theme each day.

I was introduced to Inktober through a few Instagram artists such as @redbeanporridge and @loisvb. They took part in the Inktober challenge and produced amazing works. This inspired me to take part in the challenge as a motivation to think more creatively. 

What is Inktober?

Inktober first began with an artist known as Mr. Jake Parker in 2009. He mentioned on the Inktober website that he started this initiative as a way of challenging himself to improve his inking skills and to develop positive drawing habits. Since then, it has become an essential and exciting challenge for artists to take part in!

Rules and regulations

 Official Rules

  • Draw in ink - duh
  • Post-it
  • Hashtag with #inktober2019 and #inktober
  • Repeat for the rest of the October

You can choose to do it daily or every other day, just be realistic when you set your goals. Inktober is about learning and improving oneself by drawing consistently. Every year there will be an official prompt list to participate in, encouraging yourself to think creatively with the theme given and ink your thoughts out.

 Inktober Blogpost - Klosh Online

You may also create your own personal list for inktober or follow other artist’s list. An example that I found interesting and unique was by Julie Gaudin.

 Inktober Blogpost - Klosh Online

My Journey of Inktober

Not sure what to draw or in a creative block?  Fear not, you can begin with the objects around you. Take inspiration from your surroundings!

Inktober Blogpost Inspo - Klosh Online

Personally, I have found some inspiration from some of the collections from Klosh such as the Illuminate Collection, as well as the Starry Mason Jar Collection. One of the biggest reason why I chose them was the fantasy colours and enchanted tales that lay within their products.

 Inktober Drawing Blogpost - Klosh Online

And that is simply how I accomplish day 7 task ‘ENCHANTED’.


                                                                                                      ~ Jake Parker

When looking at Klosh’s products, I find them to be very versatile. They carry a wide range of products such as home décor, lifestyle and gifting. I just can’t help but fall in love with their products, where their designs are so mesmerizing. If you dream of having a fantasy-themed bedroom. 

Here is a list of collections that I highly recommend:

1)    Magical Collection

2)    Illuminate Collection

3)    Fairy Lights Collection

4)    Starry Mason Jar Collection

5)    I Dream A Dream Collection

6)    All We Like Is Fantasy Collection



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