Benefits of Drinking Tea

Here at Klosh, one of our favourite beverage is TEA! Whether it is green tea, chamomile, barley tea or even corn tea, having a cup of tea always makes us happy.

Not only does tea taste great, it also comes with a host of benefits! 

1. Tea can aid you in your weight loss plan

Many of us are concerned with our weight and drinking tea can help us with this! As tea is naturally low in calories (Drink it without sugar!), they are the ideal replacement of high calorie drinks such as sodas. Combined with healthy eating & exercise habits, it may help in preventing the scales from tipping over!

2. Tea has many health benefits

According to Inspiyr, green tea has an antioxidant known as EGCG which may help in reducing certain cancers. Drinking one cup a day can also help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Source

3. Tea can help you to relax and focus

According to Teaclass, tea contains an amino acid that "promotes a state of relaxed concentration". Source. It may help you to better focus on your task at hand. Perfect when studying or at work.


They are two main ways tea can be purchased: In tea bags or as loose leaves.

For tea bags, the advantage is that it is hassle free! Just drop a tea bag into your cup of hot water and you are good to go! Be make sure to get those that come in unbleached tea bags as bleached teabag may undergo a process that involves using chlorine!

For loose leaves tea, one of the advantage is that they are mostly of a higher quality. These can be seen for green tea as most of the bagged teas contains mostly the "Fannings and Dusts" Source. Preparing of loose tea leaves can also be easy! Simply scoop a suitable amount of leaves and place them into a tea infuser. Submerge the tea infuser and you are good to go! There are many cute infuser out there nowadays. You can check out our cute animal series cup cover and tea infuser here!

Go make yourself a cup of tea!

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