Back To School Tips

Holidays are over! It was fun while it lasted did it not? We have all enjoyed the Christmas and New Year seasons Merrily and happily and it is back to reality right now, for working adults, back to work and for you student out there, it is back to school! It may sound like a nightmare but here are some tips for back to school to turn it into your sweet dreams!



#1 Have A School Planner

Having a school planner will make all the school work that you have to do to be more organized and in order. This will also make sure that you will not forget to do all your homework and the deadlines that you have to take note of! You can also use this planner to plan your week ahead properly and make sure to keep to it so that you will not go off track of the things that you are supposed to be doing! 



#2 Use Class Time Wisely

Always make sure to make the most of the time that you have in class. Learn as much as you can from what the teacher has taught and always remember to take notes as well! If ever the teacher ends earlier, use the remaining time to run through what you have just learnt so that you can still clarify doubts that you have.



#3 Look At Your Notes Frequently

This help you be familiar with the things that you have just learnt so that it stays fresh on your mind and also, by frequently checking your notes, you will be able to make sense out of them and even make amendments and use your own way of interpreting the notes. This will improve your overall understanding of your notes and eventually do better for these subjects! 



#4 Make Friends In Every Class

Making friends in every classes that you have does not only make your social circle bigger, but it also puts you at an advantage academic wise! Why is that so? Well, it is because they will be able to help you form a study group, if you miss out a class, they will help you out and let you borrow their notes for you to use and many more! Friends are always important so make sure to make a lot of them in every classes that you have! 

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