5 Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2020

2020 has certainly turned out to be a year we will not forget. But, let us not allow the coronavirus (Covid-19) to get in the way of showing Mum how special she is on Mother’s Day!

There is a lot of pressure on us all when it comes to Mother's Day gift ideas. The gift must be something that she will use, but it cannot be strictly utilitarian. It should also have a sentimental spin. Overthinking it will only make the process harder. Don't worry we will get it sorted out for you!


#1 For Mothers with Green Fingers

Does she find joy in caring for her garden or attends workshops on caring for plants, herbs and flowers during her free time? Well, we have the gifts that are perfect for her! Our new in collection of herbs and flowers are easy to grow which comes with instructions, seeds, starting soil, growing tips and pot.

Grow Your Own Mint Plant Decor Klosh Gifts Online Singapore Paris Garden - Ceramic Pots Mint

Grow Your Own Plant Thyme and Lavender Klosh Online Singapore

Paris Garden - Windowsill Oval Duo Lavender & Thyme


#2 For Stressed-out Mothers

Let’s face it being a working mum is never an easy job. Each mother may face unique stressors, from work to nurture and care for the growth, education and well-being of children. Her level of stress is more intense during this period as she must juggle home-based learning, work from home, meal preparation and cleaning of the house. So why not pamper her with some aromatherapy!

Woodlands Touch Lamp Warmer Klosh Gifts Online Singapore

Touch Lamp - Rose Gold Woodland

Wax Melt Tranquility Fragrance Blend Klosh Gifts Online Singapore

Scentchips Spa Blends - Tranquility

A fragrance blend of Eucalyptus / Lavender / Rain wax melt chips. Eucalyptus is known for relieving mental exhaustion and enhances feelings of relaxation. While Lavender is useful for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness.


#3 For Tea/Coffee Lover Mothers 

Treat your mum a cuppa steamy hot tea or coffee in this newly arrived "Mummy you brighten up my day mug" accompanied by a delightful cake that will definitely make her smile.  Mummy You Brighten Up My Day Mug Klosh Gifts Online Singapore

Mug - Mummy You Brighten Up My Day


#4 For Mothers who are Avid Decorators 

Does your mum have a secret wish to create the cosiest and beautiful sanctuary that the whole family can return to at the end of the day? Get her our mirror light will create a warm atmosphere in the night when switched on and brightens up the room when it is switched off during the day. What is even better, they are designed with heart-warming quotes too.

Mirror Light Mum you light up my life Klosh Gifts Online Singapore

Mirror Light Box - Mum You Light Up My Life


#5 For Mothers Aspiring to be Marie Kondo

Keep your living space organised and clutter-free can really help your mum minimise the time spend on tidying and more time on doing the things she loves. Here are some functional and aesthetically pleasant home accessories will do the trick!

Madison Garden Collection Jewellery Box Happiness Klosh Gifts Online Singapore

Madison Garden Collection - Jewellery Box


Madison Garden Collection Dual Drawer & Holder Klosh Gifts Online Singapore

Madison Garden Collection - Dual Drawer & Holder


So here is our Mother’s Day Gift Ideas recommendation for more gift ideas visit our Mother's Day Collection. We hope that you will find something that is perfect for your mum!

P.S. Do place your order before 4 May to receive it before Mother’s Day.


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