4 Fun Facts on Christmas in Japan

How much do you know about how Japanese celebrate Christmas? Even though there are some differences, but they are largely the same. Our intern from Japan, Saya Ono will share with you some interesting facts about celebrating Christmas in Japan!

#1 – Christmas Must Eats in Japan

Fun Facts Christmas in Japan - Blogpost Klosh Online

Speaking of the most common dish to eat on Christmas Day around the world is Turkey!

However, in Japan, eating Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) on Christmas has been a traditional culture. It is so popular that you can’t get KFC on Christmas without reservations in advance!

Fun Facts on Christmas in Japan - Blogpost Klosh Online

Also, Japanese people are a big fan of a strawberry shortcake. So Strawberry shortcake is sold as ‘Christmas Cake’ in Japan they will typical share the cake with family, lovers, and friends.

#2 – It’s the Time for a Date

Japanese treat Christmas as a season for lovers rather than for family and friends. Some individuals may even specially find a date just for Christmas. A common activity they would do is to see beautiful lights installations around the city at night. You can enjoy seeing huge light displays especially in a big city such as Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kobe.

Fun Fact Christmas in Japan - Blogpost Klosh Online

Tokyo Tower

Fun Facts on Christmas in Japan - Blogpost Klosh Online

Kobe Luminarie – Kobe, Hyogo


#3 – Wearing Santa Costume

It is not uncommon for Japanese people to enjoy wearing cute Santa costume on Christmas Day, especially for young girls. During Christmas season, you will see men and women alike, dress up like Santa Claus or Mrs Claus, reindeer, and even as a Christmas tree! Japanese really love to dress in costumes at an event.

Fun Facts on Christmas in Japan - Blogpost Klosh Online


#4 – Work Hard Even on Christmas

Fun Facts on Christmas in Japan - Blogpost Klosh Online

As Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan, people generally have to work as usual. One of the main reasons for this is there are only a few Christians in Japan, the percentage of which is estimated about only 1 per cent of the population. For Japanese people, Christmas does not have a religious meaning, they enjoy it just for fun!


What is in Common?

Fun Facts on Christmas in Japan - Blogpost Klosh Online

Even though Japanese has established their own unique ways to celebrate Christmas, it is also commonplace for Japanese people to exchange gifts on Christmas. Not only receiving a gift can you feel happy but also when you give a gift to your significant other and see their smile and happy face.

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