3 Gift Wrapping Ideas Inspired by Japanese

When you give or send a gift to your loved one, gift wrapping is as important as the gift itself, isn’t it? Japanese people love to put their personal thought into gift wrapping. Although modern gift-wrapping techniques are more diverse these days, they still remind one of the traditional gift wrapping customs.

Here, we will show you some Japanese wrapping methods and propose some wrapping ideas that you can try even out of Japan. Christmas is just around the corner, so you mustn’t miss it!

Furoshiki - Traditional & Eco-friendly Wrapping

Furoshiki Gift Wrap Klosh Blogpost

The most common material used for gift wrapping in the world is paper and ribbon. It is also quite common in Japan, but the traditional way is a bit different. Japanese uses wrapping cloth to pack and transport a gift, this method is called Furoshiki.

Even though it is not the mainstream way of wrapping gift these days, Furoshiki is still an attractive form of gift wrapping. The wrapping cloth is made of cotton; nylon; silk, or rayon, it is reusable and eco-friendly. Also, you can choose your favourite cloth from a great variety of colour, size and design. You can see in the tutorial video below that the way of Furoshiki gift-wrapping style is also diverse, ranging from easy to complicated.


Furoshiki cloth is available not only in Japan but online shop such as Amazon as well, so you can enjoy this wrapping method even if you are not in Japan!


Japanese “Depart” Wrapping – No Tape & No Ribbon!

In Japan, especially at department stores, there are some highly professional sales associates who can wrap a gift very well. One of the most common wrapping methods is called “Depart Tsu-tsu-mi” – “Depart” is a word abbreviated ‘department store’ and “Tsu-tsu-mi” means ‘wrapping’ in Japanese. The main feature of this gift wrapping method is wrapping a gift without tapes and ribbons! That sounds difficult, right? However, you can do it much more easily than you thought. You can see in the video how to gift wrap using “Depart Tsu-tsu-mi” technique.


Put a Message Card with Origami Style

Rather than just giving a gift, why not write a message to tell him or her your personal thought? Then fold your message using Origami, which will give your gift the extra touch that makes it more special. Check out the video below to learn how to fold your message using Origami


(Auto-translate is available on this video)

Let’s Enjoy Wrapping a Gift!

gift wrapping klosh blogpost

We believe that giving a gift can delight the person you love and enhances relationships. Don’t you think that gift wrapping is a small touch to make it more personal?

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