Table Name Card Holder - Pastel Pink

S$10 S$12.90

This wooden table name card holder combines both functionality and modernity into one design. Not only can you keep your name cards neat and tidy, but you can also keep precious memories close to you by displaying your own photographs or polaroid phots! Display it at your work space or office and be greeted by a friendly motivational reminder every day.

This name card holder has a groove size of 0.8cm wide. This name card holder can hold about 15 name cards that are 300gsm thick. This name card holder is different from your usual name card holders and allows you to express yourself in a quirky way. The name card holder has the words "wake up and…" in gold foil. Complete the sentence by rotating the block and choosing the best word that matches your mood for the day! The 4 word options are: live, fight, workout and smile. Set the mood for yourself and for others: This name card holder not only allows you to choose a mood that makes you feel happy about yourself, but it also has a rounded look that makes you seem more approachable! Create a fun and kind atmosphere in the office instead of a stiff, unapproachable space!

Dimensions (CM) : 10 x 9 x 2

Weight (kg) : 0.115