Harry Potter - Wizarding World Slytherin Decorative Goblet 7"

Symbolized by the serpent, Salazar Slytherin valued cunning and ambition, and his house claimed many of the darkest witches and wizards in history, including Lord Voldemort. Show your house loyalty with this elegant 10 oz décor goblet.
The cup, stem and base are painted stone resin and is not approved for contacting food or beverage. The 10-ounce stainless steel inset bowl however is food safe and the lip/rim extends deep enough so that lips would not come into contact with the stone resin.
However, this is in case a consumer might use these goblets for beverages, but this product is clearly as not intended for drinkware. These are a decorative collector goblet only.
Dimensions (CM): 17.78
Weight (G): 647