Door Tag - Wake Up Coral Pink Door Hanger

S$10 S$13.90

This wake-up and smile/live/fight/workout door tag in coral pink will add a quirky touch to your front door! Each piece has its own character and individuality, therefore making it a great gift! 

This door tag is unique and different compared to your usual door tags. These door hanger has a rotating block with a number of unique "moods" to choose from: smile / live / fight/ workout. Start your day by picking a fun mood! Together with gold foil, the door tag has an enchanting, glamorous look, and is exactly what you need to feel good about yourself!

The door hanger has a claw hook handle which makes it universally compatible with all kinds of doors, be it handles or knobs. The size is accommodating and you will have zero difficulties getting them to fit around a door handle. The door hanger is made out of wood that is light and durable.

Dimensions (CM) : 23 x 10