Colander Family Pack - Nessie Family


Three generations of the Nessie family are here to dive into your cooking and pop out of your pot to help you serve your soups, pastas, vegetables and finish your meal with a hot cup of tea!

The Nessie Family consists of a Mamma Nessie Colander, a Nessie Ladle, and a Baby Nessie tea infuser, all made of food safe materials to let you cook with peace of mind! Check out the adorable instagram page recording all the adventures of a nessie ladle! (instagram: @samsontheladle)

* Do not put in direct flame, Dishwater proof, Resistant to boiling water, 100% Food Safe

Brand: OTOTO

Material: Baby Nessie - Silicone; Nessie and Mamma - Toughened Nylon

Dimensions (CM): Baby Nessie - 5.5 x 4.8 x 15; Nessie - 9 x 8 x 24.5; Mamma Nessie - 12 x 11 x 29