Card Game - Wongamania: Banana Economy 2nd Edition


Welcome to Banana Republic, a politically unstable country dominated by wealthy, well-connected business elites. As one of these elites, you get to influence government policies and manipulate economy in order to benefit your investments in Stocks, Properties and Bonds. Outsmart your opponents by hiring powerful bankers and politicians while defending your wealth against financial monsters such as Debtzilla and Inflationsaurus. Do you have what it takes to survive in this competitive world of money mania?

Game Genre: Strategy Game

No. of players: 2-5 Players
Suitable for Ages 10 and above
Game Duration: 45 mins

Family/ Kid's Friendly: yes

Game Content:
1 Economic Cycle Board
58 Asset cards
14 Incident cards
15 Trust find cards
5 Bank/Symbol guide cards
1 Productivity Die
1 Education guide
13 Professional cards
21 Global cards
5 Insurance cards
1 Score cards
1 Economic Token

Dimensions (CM): 22.5 x 15 x 5

Weight (G): 514

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