Card Game - Hotpot Havoc


A Steamy Hot Card Game!
The annual Hotpot Havoc Challenge has begun! Cook, dip and eat your way to victory against up to 4 other competitors! Fill your bowl with the best and most delicious ingredients and be the first in line to pick the perfect sauce for your food, but be careful not to overeat! Pick your bowls wisely and you might stand a chance to be the ultimate Hotpot Havoc Champion!
1. Mad rush to fill bowls for great fun!
2. Split second decisions in a real time game!
3. Mouthwatering hotpot ingredients!

Game Genre: Party / Family-fun Game

No. of players: 2 to 5 players
Suitable for Ages 8 and above
Game Duration: 20 mins

Game Components:
25 Bowl Cards
105 Soup Cards + 5 Index Cards
20 Sauce Cards
5 Rank Cards

How to play?:
Hotpot Havoc is played over 4 rounds, after which the player with the most points win! Each round consists of 3 phases: Cooking, Grabbing and Eating.

Dimensions (CM): 15.1 x 10.5 x 3.5

Weight (G): 271

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