Top Picks of 2022

With 2022 coming to an end, we’d like to thank everyone for their continuous support for KLOSH! ❤️ To show our appreciation to all of you and to commemorate Boxing Day, we’ll be having our final sale of the year! 😆 Enjoy❗12% OFF STOREWIDE❗on our online store till the 31st of December when you checkout with the code: BoxingDay!


Our NEW Disney100 Calendar has also been released to celebrate Disney’s 100th Anniversary come 2023! Featuring many of our favourite Disney characters from Mickey & Friends, Frozen, Toy Story, and many more, celebrate this special occasion with this 2023 calendar now! While stocks last, click here for a closer look!

With that being said, here are our top 10 picks of 2022 that have captured the hearts of many of our customers! 🥰


1. Disney Mousepad & Desk Pads

One of our bestsellers yet at all of our stores and event pop-ups are our recently launched Disney Mousepads & Desk Pads! These affordable computer accessories come in a variety of colours to choose from, with minimalist and cartoon designs available for all ages! (P.S. If you’re thinking of getting one, do so now as they’re almost out of stock! 🤭)


2. Disney Glass Cans

Our Disney Glass Cans feature unique designs from the Winnie the Pooh and Stitch series! It has been a popular pick since we released it a month ago, and we loved seeing many of you choose this eco-friendly glassware to consume your yummy drinks! 😋🧋


3. Disney Drawers

A wonderful organisation accessory to add a little magic in your home! These Disney Drawers are super versatile in storing your stationery and accessories, keeping your desk mess-free and productive for work!


4. Disney Candles & Diffusers

Our Disney Candles & Diffusers speak for themselves - they’re all simply too gorgeous and breathtaking! 😉 The carefully thought out details compliment the different characters that the candles & diffusers represent - not to mention, the stunning packaging seals the deal of making it the perfect gift!


5. Disney Tapestry

A wall deco, tablecloth or picnic blanket - you name it! These Disney Tapestries are a top pick for its artistic designs and multi-use ability. Made out of 100% polyester velvet fabric, these durable tapestries are soft and lightweight, which makes it easy to bring around for all kinds of occasions!


6. Disney Touch Warmers

Next on the list: Disney Touch Warmers! Not only do the wide variety of scents make our touch warmers attractive, additions like our Winnie the Pooh & Mickey Mouse designs has allowed many Disney lovers to incorporate subtle Disney designs into their homes! Its ability to create a tranquil ambience and burning desired fragrances flame-free has made it an exquisite gift option for many!


7. Disney Laptop Bags

We can’t go wrong with minimalistic Disney Laptop Bags! Since its release in September 2022, our laptop bags have been sought after for its functionality and simplistic design, because who doesn’t need a sleek padded laptop bag WITH pockets to protect our devices? 🤩💻


8. Disney Disc Planners

A new year calls for a new year’s resolution! Jot down your goals for 2023 in our undated Disney Disc Planners (and plan your weeks while you’re at it - because planning goes a long way in improving one’s time management! 😌👍🏻)


9. Disney Earrings

Our Disney Earrings have been a top pick for the longest time - and almost all sold out awhile back! We’ve brought them back once again, with even more designs from Winnie the Pooh and Mickey & Friends! Not to mention, we also have NEW designs from Star Wars & Harry Potter, which are as stunning as ever! Grab your 14k Gold-plated earrings now before they all run out again! 🤭


10. Disney A5 Magnetic Planners

To-do lists, weekly planners and even grocery lists - our compact Disney Magnetic A5 Planners lets you track all your tasks and plans easily with a whiteboard marker! Sticking onto any magnetic surface for convenient viewing, these $7.90 planners are our top pick for a super budget-friendly gift! 🥰


Once again, thank YOU for supporting KLOSH in any way possible throughout these years! We hope everyone will continue to stay happy and healthy as we welcome the new year together! 🥂

❤️ See you in 2023! 🥳


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