Study Smart

Being a student can be hard and stressful. Save yourself by following these tips!

Get rid of distractions

In order to concentrate, you must stay away from the devils aka mobile phones, social media, computer, game and so on. Put them away or turn on the ‘Do not disturb” mode. Distractions will make you procrastinate and before you realise it, it’s already 1 day away from your paper. Whoops, when did time pass so fast?

Have a break

Take a short break in between your long journey of studying. Put some perk-me-up snacks or drinks on your table to reward yourself during the break!

Test yourself frequently

After a few chapters of revision, test your content by doing past year papers or practice papers. This can help you to know which area you need to focus more on.

Don’t just study hard, but also remember to study smart. Go and ace your exams! All the best!

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