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The coronavirus pandemic is definitely a game changer, phasing out many jobs, affecting many businesses and reinventing our work habits. We wish to say a big thank you to our supporters, who continue to love and believe in our products and services during this difficult time. 

Some of you may not be aware that some of Klosh products are designed by Singapore’s young talents. This July, we wish to introduce the creative talents behind Klosh. Look out for more posts on our designers lined up this month!

We had a chat with our creatives to find out about their journey as a fresh graduate and satisfy our curiosity on how they spend their time during the circuit breaker.

Klosh Graphic Designer Rachel

Tell us about yourself.

Hi, my name is Rachel and I have been working as a graphic designer for Klosh for the past year. With a goal of doing design as a career, I decided to take a gap year after graduating from Arts Business at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. From my experience at Klosh, I was able to learn and build up my portfolio. But now I am moving on to start my first year in Design Communication at Lasalle.

You have been working with Klosh on the product and graphic designs, how is your experience so far?

Working at Klosh has been a challenging but eye-opening experience. I was tasked with big projects to work on such as designing visuals for campaigns, social media, product photography as well as videography. At the same time, the work allows great creative freedom in designing.

I have learnt that designers are constantly evolving, to seek improvement when creating new things. It has become an enjoyable challenge I look forward to taking on as each experience moulds me to a more efficient and competent creative.

What inspires you in your designs?

I think a designer is required to always be aware of trends, which makes every piece of work we do is vastly different and a reflection of a certain time or client.

For me, my go-to sources are either Instagram and Pinterest. I am always inspired by ideas shared on the two platforms and discover what I can incorporate into my future designs. As a graphic designer at Klosh, I have designed some fun and minimalistic designs for them.

What do you miss most during circuit breaker and how do you spend your time during this time?

Time during the circuit breaker was productive as I was able to focus better on my work at home. With more time staying at home, I have more time to create and explore more personal design work. During my free time, I will design posters and post them on my Instagram to learn more skills, experiment and look back at my growth as a designer.

From my viewpoint, I think it is important as a designer to use their platform however small it may be to voice out opinions and causes that matter. Recently there was a Black Lives Matter Movement and I wanted to spread awareness by designing a poster for it. As designers, I believe we have the responsibility and ability to make good changes in our community and environment.

On a lighter note, I have taken an interest in Kalimba and has been learning how to play the instrument while catching up on anime!

 According to a recent survey on the top 5 non-essential jobs during Covid-19, Artist came in as no. 1. As a creative freelancer, were you surprised by the poll results and what is your take on that?

I don’t think the results from the poll results are surprising. I think many people are quick to jump to conclusions with just the results. But putting into context, in the midst of pandemic healthcare would be the most essential sector in surviving. However, to live, art is indispensable. In the poll results, they mentioned artists. I think my job as a graphic designer differs from an artist. As a designer, my job is to design and create for clients while the latter creates for oneself. However, while it is possible for a designer to create for yourself, I would say the nature of our work is more to meet the needs of others. This creates a juxtaposition on our intent and purpose. Instead of considering myself an artist, I would consider myself as a creative. While I can’t speak for artists such as sculptors and musicians, I think people have to realize the difference between essential and important. What is considered as essential during this period does not mean that it is not important regardless if there is a pandemic or not? Whether it be artists, designers, or creatives in general, we all do our part in contributing to society - it is an ecosystem of how society can function.

Here are some of Rachel’s favourite design work with Klosh:

On Instagram @kloshsg

Merry Christmas Greeting From Klosh Free gift wrap and message tag christmas promo by Klosh


Stay tuned for the upcoming new collection by Rachel!  

Monthly Planner rainbow and flowers design by Klosh


monthly planner indoor plant decor design by Klosh



Written by Chloe Huang 

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