Happy Friendship Day!

“A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey inside.” - Winnie The Pooh 🍯

We know that each character in Winnie The Pooh are unique in their own way and have very different personalities. Yet, they still manage to stay as good friends and are always there for each other. To celebrate International Friendship Day coming up on 30 July, let’s feature some products from Winnie The Pooh so we can learn from them and appreciate our friendships. 🤝 Who knows, they could be great gifts for your friends too! 😁


  1. WTP Morandi Circular Cushions

These cushions featuring Eeyore and Tigger can provide the (back) support your friends need when you’re not there! 🙊 Pooh and Piglet designs available too!


  1. WTP Desk Pads

Introducing one of our latest release from the WTP & Friends series! These adorable yet useful desk pads are great to have, especially when you can get different designs to match with your friends! #besties 😆

  1. WTP Magnetic Planner Board

This Pooh-themed magnetic planner board can serve as a great reminder for your forgetful friends! Help them to organise their tasks by getting them this planner! Now, they won’t have an excuse to forget your birthday... 😉


  1. Pooh Photoframe

The perfect way to show off your wonderful friendships! Place your favourite photos of you and your friends so you remember to appreciate them! 😎

  1. WTP Tapestry

Add some Disney magic in your room by hanging this up! ✨ Featuring Pooh & his friends taking a walk through the forest, sticking through thick and thin, just as what friends are supposed to do! 😌


Show a little appreciation to your friends this year! It doesn’t have to be a gift or something grand, just let them know how much you’re grateful for them! Or... if you want to get a token of appreciation for them, you can come on down to our outlets to check out our items in-store! 😋 PLQ, Jewel, CompassOne 


Happy Friendship Day! 💞

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