5 Ways to have a Productive June Holiday

June Holidays are around the corner and that means a month of enjoyment! Instead of getting cooped up in your room with your cell phone, why not do something different this year? From playing fun card games with your friends to camping trips at the beach, make the most out of this June Holidays with the bunch of activities we have lined up!

 1. Fun and Games at Mind Cafe

As the June Holidays draw closer, it is a great time for bonding, family, and games! Board games involve conversing and having fun with one another, letting you create beautiful memories together. Mind Cafe allows you to do just that!

The Mind Cafe is not your regular cafe that only offers fantastic coffee and pastries, but they provide an exhaustive game library of over 500 games as well, for you to enjoy. You can choose from a wide variety of games catered for all ages from classic games such as Connect 4 and Jenga to party games such as Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens and Code Names.

If you are a board game lover, we have great news for you! Together with Mind Cafe, we will be giving away three sets of our beloved “Team3” game to three winners. Instructions are simple, head to our Instagram @Kloshsg to participate!

Board Games

 2. Camping with your family

Who does not love camping? For those adventurers out there, this one is for you. Camping is an experience no one will never forget. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, picnic food, fresh air as well as uninterrupted bonding time with your friends and family. Spruce up your camping session with this compact pocket-sized Camping Projector. This Camping Projector can project up to 24 full-colour camp-themed images onto your tent walls, creating a cosy ambience while you rest comfortably in your tent. Imagine how magical the night will be!


 3. Miniature Sport Activity

If sports are not for you, why not play miniature sports which do not require much effort at all? This miniature and realistic Ice Hockey lets you head to the rink and play on REAL ICE. Simply add water, freeze, and play! Gather your friends and family to compete this June Holidays. It is one of a kind and it does not get better than this!


 4. Tour Singapore

Singapore looks beautiful in June as it does during the rest of the year. Spend this June Holiday touring this beautiful little red dot. From exploring Sentosa Island to The Garden Forest and Gardens by the bay, there is an endless number of places to visit. Here are our top suggestions:

  • Water Parks such as Wild Wild Wet for a day of thrill and spill
  • Night Safari for a Wild night with your friends and family
  • Haji Lane for Cafe hopping
  • Chinatown for everything Mala


5. Hiking: Chestnut Nature Park

Singapore is filled with parks and nature reserves, perfect for a hiking trip with your friends and family. Take this June Holidays to hike at the many hiking trails in Singapore. The hiking journey will span over 2-3 hours, right for your bonding sessions! Pair up your hiking trip with our light and convenient FITZIP pouch, which is perfect for all your essentials from your keys, money, to your IDs. These pouches are so stretchable that you can even fit a large water bottle. It also features a water-resistant to protect your valuables from sweat. Begin your hiking trip now!


Put your phones away and spend this precious time with your friends and family with all the activities we have planned out. Time to start creating beautiful and memorable memories you will never forget!

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