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Started by a pair of passionate bakers, Christine and Rachel strongly believe in delivering quality cakes to bring smiles and joy to people around them. And this sincere faith and belief is what led to the birth of Pink Maison, a bakery brand that serves with heart.

(4th from left - Rachel, 5th from left - Christine)

If you're looking for a handmade cake that can bring out your heartfelt expressions in a creative and yummy way, then look no further! Their cakes feature a wide variety of designs ranging from classic and elegant to whimsical and playful that are perfect for all occasions!

Some of their must-try include their whimsical unicorn cakes and unique handcrafted character cakes, both so aesthetically pleasing that are sure to steal the limelight of your party night!

Get imaginative and bring out the inner child in you with this unicorn cake. Nothing screams magical and fanciful more that these colourful piping swirls and golden unicorn horn!

Get ready your favourite cartoon character and relive your childhood memories with these delicate character cakes! There are plenty of characters for all fans out there to choose from. Think rilakkuma, hello kitty, pikachu and more!

You'd be spoilt for choice with the 9 different flavours that they have to offer for their cakes. Some flavours that caught our attention were the Lychee Rose Milk Tea and Earl Grey.

If nothing fancies you, fret not! Pink Maison does a great job at making customised cakes as well! You can just sit back and watch your design come to life just the way you want. 

Customised Classic 2 Tier Cake

Customised Little Mermaid Cake

During our 5th Outlet Grand Opening at Jurong Point on 1st July, Klosh had the pleasure to collaborate with Pink Maison whereby they kindly sponsored their specialty character cupcakes and donuts for our beloved customers* to sample!

Just look at these, how adorable and cute are they! We were all squealing in delight when we first saw them - they were almost too cute to be eaten! What made these even special and heart warming is that they hand made every single piece of it - from decorating the fondant from scratch and baking the fluffy vanilla muffin base to perfection.

Pink Maison

If you think the hello kitty cupcakes were impressive enough, wait till you see these colourful bite sized donuts that were topped with yummy rainbow sprinkles! Each colour coating represent a different flavour itself - yellow for banana, pink for lychee rose and brown for chocolate! We couldn't decide which was better as they were all so fragrant and scrumptious. The donuts were made just right, not too sweet but not too bland. Definitely not to worry for people who wanna keep things low on sugar and sweetness!

Both the hello kitty cupcakes and assorted donuts were packaged in cute little bags tied with a ribbon on top that were ready and convenient for shoppers to take away. Just imagine the amount of effort they put in not just the treats, but also the packaging itself! I'm sure we're all a lot more convinced to place our trust in their hands to make the dream customised cake that you want, for your loved ones!

These would also make great mini desserts for any parties in my opinion. Just place them on the dessert table along with the celebration cake and you can just enhance and brighten the whole setting with a dose of cheery colours! They look and taste so good your guests would sure be wanting for more!

In case you're wondering, yes they do themed dessert tables too! *cheers* Be it for corporate or family events, they've got you all covered! Save yourself the trouble of planning your own table set up and display by choosing one from the the stunning visuals that Pink Maison has to offer. They would spare no effort in ensuring you have the most beautiful tiered cake and array of dessert and pastries for your party - making it a huge blast!

Here's one:

Theme: Gold Safari Dessert Table

Pink Maison definitely deserves a spot in your bakery list if you want something unique, creative and customisable for any joyous occasion in life! Their cakes cater to anyone of all ages and there's simply no boundary to where your imagination can take you in coming up with the ideal cake or desserts that you want for customisation.

If anyone dear to you has birthday or special occasions coming up, take this chance to show them how much they mean to you with these tasty treats from Pink Maison! I'm sure they would make great delightful gifts for anyone to satisfy their sweet tooth and indulge in good quality cakes as a personal reward!

Pink Maison (click for website)
Location: 183 Jalan Pelikat #B1-50, Singapore 537643, The Promenade @ Pelikat
Telephone: +(65) 8180 2519
Opening Hours: 11am to 6pm (Mondays to Saturdays)
                          3pm to 6pm (Sundays)

*Only for customers who spent more than $60 as part of the Grand Opening promotion for Jurong Point.

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