Good Old Days Bistro | Instagrammable old-school and vintage cafe that will bring you back to the 80s 90s

Have you ever felt that you are running out of places to eat in our tiny island? Each time you meet up with your friends or family for a meal, do you take a looong time to decide and settle on the place? Or, have you ever felt sian before that you're always eating the same old food? Well, I'm sure that these scenarios are not uncommon to you! But fret not, we have a lobang for you, one that has both good food and good ambience!

Good Old Days Bistro interior

Situated near Haji Lane at just a stone's throw away from Nicoll Highway MRT, is a gem of a cafe known as Good Old Days Bistro. The lady boss mentioned that this is their second cafe, and meant to give off a different vibe from their first one (Brunches Cafe). The theme for Good Old Days Bistro focuses on having a retro and vintage look, while at the same time comfortable enough to make customers feel cosy and homely, as if they were dining at their own comforts of home. 

Retro chalkboard

True enough, I was welcomed by the rustic ambience and got charmed by their vintage decor immediately after I stepped in. Each corner in the cafe was delicately filled up with little vintage pieces that you could even bring one back home if you like!

Retro corner

Swing at good old days bistro

The most outstanding part of their interior that caught my attention was definitely their swings that they installed to replace the usual chairs. How unique and insta-worthy is that? Being able to enjoy some good western food served with passion by the cafe owners and also take some pretty selfies with their special decor that are sure to hook your friends interest in it - this is what I call killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Definitely worth the visit and money spent!

Or if you ever lack some ideas on how to decorate your home to give off the vintage yet cosy vibes, I believe that you would gain some inspiration from just giving the cafe a visit!

Vintage and retro interior

Cute photo frame

Vintage and retro corner with photo frames

Look at how our photo frames fit in nicely into their old-style furniture, doesn't it reminds you of your past childhood and the happier times when you were younger and more carefree? What I like about this is how you can even 'customize' your mood to whatever you are feeling at that moment! It definitely added in a more personal touch to the whole decor and atmosphere.

Big retro sofa

Red sofa

The cafe also has a big red couch that is suitable for large groups of people to dine at, perfect for big occasions like birthdays to celebrate in! Just by adding in some cute cushions, it gave a little twist to the feel of decor. It just makes you feel like nuaing on that comfy couch while cuddling the cushions and not move at all! (Except when you are digging into the food of course!)

Nonetheless, the cafe owners spared no effort in trying to make their food a unique dining experience for you!

Good Old Days Bistro Food

The cafe serves burgers and sandwiches that are contained within a little old-school vintage box. Cool, right? These also come with a side of fries and salad drizzled in honey mustard sauce. If you are planning to check them out, do give their favourites a try - Crispy Oatmeal Chicken Burger (S$13.90) and Slow Cook Pork Belly Burger (S$13.90)! One thing to note is that they bake their burger buns with natural powders from fruits or vegetables, so no colorings or preservatives are added! 

Good Old Days Bistro Burger and Fries

If you are not craving for a main dish, how about something light to kick-start your day? Try their The Acai Bowl (S$9.90), where you can choose from either honey nut granola or muesli. Especially now that we are all about eating good and clean food, it is no wonder that this dish is becoming one of the popular ones among their customers.

Good Old Days Bistro The Acai Bowl

Can't decide which flavour to pick, when it comes to dessert? Don't worry, here's the solution to it! Introducing their Duo-flavoured Waffle with Ice Cream (S$12.90) that looks so aesthetically pleasing to the eyes! The waffle flavours spread from a wide range of choices and also those that are not commonly found elsewhere, such as Purple Potato and Blue Velvet (say what?!).

Good Old Days Bistro Duo-flavoured Waffles with Ice Cream

In sum, I believe the Good Old Days Bistro definitely deserves a spot in our list of good and instagrammable cafes to explore in Singapore. It is a place to visit when you just want a break of that busy city life and immerse yourself in the warm, vintage ambience with all the antique looking furniture and decorative display. Or just sit in and grab a cup of coffee and you're good to start your work with their free wifi provided! Now, it's time to gather your fellow kakis and go cafe-hopping with them!

P.S. If you ever feel inspired by their vintage collection or love our decor items as shown above and want to spice up your home to create the same ambience, feel free to check us out for our wooden collection or retro pieces from Klosh! :)

Good Old Days Bistro Cafe
337 Beach Road 
Singapore 199565
Telephone: 8337 3343
Opening hours: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM (Monday to Saturday) | Closed on Sunday

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